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Covid-19 Health & Safety on our Tours

Your health is our top priority, and we have put special measures in place to keep all guests safe both during and after your activity.

*Stringent Cleaning* - All our equipment is washed and disinfected before and after use, and hand sanitizer will be available to all of our guests at check-in.
*Social Distancing* - Guests will stay at a safe 2m distance during all points of the tour, check-in and briefings: it is all done outdoors.
*Wellness Checks* - Employees receive daily wellness checks to ensure they are healthy and symptom-free. If you or anyone in your group is experiencing symptoms, we will work directly with you to cancel and offer a gift card or reschedule your tour.

We provide safe tours and activities in the Algarve, all done outdoors, enjoying the sunshine, sea water and pure fresh air!


Bellow is our Covid-19 Contingency Plan for your information

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