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Stand Up Paddle & Coasteering in Algarve 

Two friends enjoying paddleboarding in a cave in Algarve


3 H



Visit the Caves and Grottos of the Algarve! Enjoy stand up paddleboarding and explore the natural park caves, hidden beaches and beautiful cliffs. Watch the abundant marine life along the coastline near Lagos and Sagres, jump off a cliff for an adrenaline kick and swim through caves for added adventure!


3 H



Coasteering is a Cliff Jumping adventure in western Algarve between Sagres and Lagos; it also involves, swimming, climbing, walking, discovering, exploring and scrambling along the coastline. You'll see grottoes, caves with secret passages and can even jump inside a cave blowhole!

Coasteering jump and SUP in caves near Algarve


8 H



The full Coastline Algarve experience! Come be a waterman or waterwoman for a day. Start with a coastal and grottoes Stand Up Paddle tour (3h) and then go for a Coasteering adventure (3h) jumping off cliffs and swimming in the ocean! We make a break in between for lunch.

What's SUP ?   (Stand-up Paddle Surfing/Boarding)

Algarve Standup Paddle Board Portugal

It's standing on top of a gigantic board (Stand Up Paddleboard) and paddling around using a single vertical paddle whilst remaining straight. It is a great way to explore the coastline, rivers, lakes, lagoons, canals and every other body of water.

We love SUP because we can paddle along the coastline, explore grottoes and secret beaches (our favourite!) and we love SUP Yoga. It's great for fitness training and even to go fishing!

​Born in Hawaii to ride waves, an alternative to traditional surfing — SUP Surf consists of catching and surfing waves without ever laying down (until you fall!) with the aid of the standup paddle. It is today's fastest growing water sport with competitions on surf, long distance and sprint races. It has become popular on rivers for touring but also to challenge rapids and standing waves.

In the southwest Algarve we have perfect conditions for Stand-up Paddleboard: a beautiful, pristine and protected south facing coastline with lots of caves; a wild west coast with amazing waves for Stand up Paddlesurf; calm rivers ideal to immerse in Nature and also beautiful lagoons just behind the ocean, with safe conditions for learning SUP, perfect for families with kids on holidays. Come Standup Paddleboard in Algarve with us!

So, what is Coasteering ?

Coasteering Algarve

An adventure activity where you explore the coastline by foot, swimming in the ocean, traversing along the bottom of cliffs, climbing and cliff jumping! You will be exploring big grottoes, small caves, secret passages and observing how life thrives in the inter-tidal zone of the coast. With Coasteering you feel part of the ocean.

A great way to visit the Natural Park of Costa Vicentina in the southwest of the Algarve. It's a really exciting and bonding experience, specially when it's time for cliff jumping! Coasteering in the Algarve is perfect for groups, parties and individuals alike. The only requirements are: being able to walk, swim a bit and do basic climbing; and you're ready to experience Coasteering to the fullest, meaning there's no beginners here. You should, indeed, come with a professional knowledgeable guide and safety equipment (wetsuit, life-vest, helmet, shoes) that will take you through the rocky coastline, avoid protected or dangerous areas and show you where's deep enough to jump! 

Coasteering will make you smile, laugh, hoot and scream, while enjoying what the Algarve has best to offer — Sun, Ocean, Beach and amazing Memories. Try Coasteering with Coastline Algarve!

Southwest Algarve Costa Vicentina Natural Park

Most of Coastline Algarve's activities and tours take place within the Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina. One of the biggest and last preserved coastlines in Europe. We take great care in keeping this area, its fauna and flora well protected, educating our clients and the local community about environmental conservation and the value of our natural heritage and biodiversity.

The Park stretches for about 110km of coastline, from Sines in Alentejo to Burgau in Algarve. It protects numerous habitats for rare species of plants (12 of them only grow in this part of the world), birds (white storks, black storks, falcons, ospreys or fishing eagles, vultures and many more migrating birds), mammals (otters, foxes, wild boars), reptiles and amphibians.

There are incredible unspoiled beaches, great for surfing, Stand-up Paddle Boarding, Coasteering, windsurfing, kitesurfing and there are many hidden beaches with hard accesses all surrounded by Nature. The ocean is also very rich with all kinds of fish, shellfish, seaweeds, and cliffs are covered with mussels, goose barnacles, crabs, etc.

The steep cliffs around Sagres are impressive and majestic. Cape St. Vicent (cabo São Vicente) was thought to be the end of the world, where beautiful ocean views and amazing sunsets by the lighthouse make it one of the highlights of this coastline. Around Sagres there are pre-historic menhirs, roman ruins, and cultural sites like the Sagres Fortress — an important mark in the Portuguese Discovery times.

We encourage our clients to collect any garbage found in the water, beach and cliffs during our tours, where we transport it on our SUP boards and later take it to the bin. We support this simple principle that everyone after enjoying their time at the Beach or anywhere at the Natural Park should pick up (not only their own trash) 3 pieces of trash easily found on the way out and take it to the bin! We frequently participate in beach/coastal clean-ups, always looking for ways to give back to Nature. (

"Take only pictures, leave only your footprints" — IN THE FOOTPATHS!

Stand up paddle surf Algarve

We are a family company based in Raposeira, Algarve, Portugal, a small village right between Lagos and Sagres, providing Stand-up Paddle Boarding/Surfing lessons and tours: to the Grottoes, secret Beaches, calm Rivers, family SUP days and SUP equipment rentals. We provide the last sensation in adventure watersports: Coasteering - Cliff Jumping! We love to show our clients the coastal beauty and local traditions of the Algarve. We offer special Multi-Activity packages so you can make the most of your holidays in the Algarve. We believe in the sustainable development of the region, by offering quality and authentic experiences that only a local company can provide, never compromising the values of Nature conservation and the peaceful Algarve way of living. 

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